Title: Run The Iconic

Artist description: Moks is a street art muralist born in Cavite, Philippines, who comes from a family of painters. Moks started painting at a young age and got into street art and graffiti 10 years ago. He co-founded a visual art collective, which is a street mural graffiti oriented group named Cavity Collective.

Moks is now a Dubai-based visual artist on the prowl to aid bland surfaces.

Run The Iconic.

A cultural icon could be a lot of things, a person, a history or maybe a sneaker? Icon represents a movement with a great cultural significance to our society or era. This art represents the one which elevated the adidas Superstar in two of my favorite things; music and sports.

I was born in the 80’s, and nothing can make me feel more nostalgic than looking through the history of my era, and as a huge fan of the NBA the obvious choice would be the Superstar itself Kareem Abdul Jabbar. I'm also a fan of Hip-Hop Music and the biggest group during those times are the RUN DMC. Who really put the shoes on the map as the identity for the Hip-hop culture. The art also has hands holding up the sneaker in the air as an homage to the time when 10,000 people lifted their Superstar Shoes signaling the first Hip-hop group to be endorsed by adidas. Colorful tones crossing every segments are the representation of the diverse culture here in Dubai, together with an Islamic geometric pattern that represent the art of this region

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Title: Reflection

Artist description: Deyaa Rambo aka DeyaaOne is from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and started graffiti in 2005. He is the co-founder of Dhad Store and a member of the “Dhad Fam” crew. DeyaaOne has become one of the graffiti pioneers in Saudi Arabia.

Most of his art illustrates a cultural touch with the use of characters; along with a mix of styles varying from realistic, cartoon, and sketch style.


We see in each other more similarities than differences. We are powered to make a positive change and embrace our heritage, while making it new. Let us marvel into the unknown and reflect on our past and our present, to make a future for who we really are.



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Title: Culture’s Bridge

Artist description: Mahmood Al-Sharqawi aka Huvil, is an air traffic controller by day and a graffiti/street artist by night.


At a very young age, Huvil got attracted to the urban culture in the Kingdom of Bahrain when he first started skateboarding and learning about graffiti and street art. He started creating his own art in 2007 by incorporating his surroundings and Bahraini culture.

Culture’s Bridge.

What inspired me to paint this artwork is the image I had in mind of how I stand in between two cultures. My Bahraini culture and the urban art culture. Stretching my arms to both side and pulls them towards each other to create a magnificent collision.

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Title: Pass on the originality

Artist description: Abrar Allahou, aka Blacklightme is from Kuwait and has been drawing since the day she was born, 28 years ago. She has been doing graffiti art since 2009. Her main interest nowadays is to make the world a better place.

She would like to give a special thanks to Yousif.W.G.

Pass on the Originality

Building bridges (stronger bonds) creating unity through out time between different cultures & generations. Where thousands of eras speak, think, communicate, build and create each other by similar but better bright minds; following the rule of "PASS IT ON" . Basically.. time travel portals will be well used in our hands.

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Title: Be Yourself

Artist description: Mubarak Al Malik is a Qatari artist who’s vision is to search for purity of origin without neglecting innovation and modernism.

His passion for art has encouraged him to participate and represent his home country in numerous national and international events. He shas won many awards and hopes to leave his mark on earth.

Be Yourself

Throughout the creation of this artwork, I used different elements of our Qatari culture to represent the country. Because without these cultural signifiers we have no identity. I have used the battollah which is a golden mask that used to cover the faces of Qatari women, and used modern colors in this painting. Together with Islamic geometric patterns, hearts and a hidden smile, I have presented this woman to welcome the whole world with incense (bukhoor) and roses with all the love that surrounds Qatar

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title: The Oracle And The Spectator

Artist Description: Taher Majid, originally from Muscat, Oman is a graffiti artist, DJ, and producer. He has been in the graffiti scene for approximately 9 years, and a DJ for longer.

As an artist, he doesn’t usually stick to one style, however his favorite equipment would be spray cans and working on large scale.

The Oracle and the Spectator

The Story behind the naming of the artwork, is a bit of a theory. I have been developing a thought study about emotion vs logic, and how they could co-exist and not overwhelm each other, without having each of them thrive off the absence of the other.

It’s tough not to get angry, but it’s also tough not to get emotional all together. With life experience, you develop a sense of control over these emotions, and they start being less like wildcards in your life.Finding balance has been something that people have been chasing since the beginning of time, some have achieved it, some are on their way.

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